Ursula Becker-Peloso

Expert in Social Intelligence for companies, New Work, Women Leadership

Ursula Becker is founder and CEO of Fundraising&More a specialised Full-Service Consulting Agency that delivers high professional fundraising and impact solutions to NGOs and Foundations. She is a Sales & Marketing expert with 25 years experience in Germany and abroad.

Our world is facing many issues today, we are being forced to deal with rapid change and unprecedented challenges. At the same time, we see many governments and corporations around the world, abdicate their responsibilities and not prepare for the future. As a result, society is demanding more from the private sector and its business leaders. Business leaders have the responsibility to engage in the important issues of the day. To prosper over time, every company must not only deliver financial performance but also show how it makes a real positive contribution to society, beyond csr activities.
We need to work to benefit all of our stakeholders, not just our shareholders. We also have the responsibility to consider the needs of our employees, our customers and communities where we operate. There is a leadership void today around the world. Business leaders have a major role to play in filling this vacuum of lost values and society challenges. We need to engage on important issues that we all face, and collectively as an industry to make sure the voices are heard.

Presentation Topics

  • mental health and emotional strenght - the winning team
  • 5 things you need to know about a healthy life
  • female/male communication 4.0
  • Social Intelligence is neccessary for our societies
  • strong women leaders - idea givers for our future
  • Work life Blending - is it possible?
  • Worklife-Blending ? Fluch oder Segen in New Work

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