Sybs Bauer

Expert for design, design strategies and creativity

To enrich the world with beauty is the calling for Sybs Bauer. She is looking for the true and natural beauty in her holistic designs. No wonder you find in her portfolio so different sectors such as driving aids, lifestyle products as well as holistic communication concepts.

Companies contact Sybs Bauer for renewing old structures, to boost their brand and for the search for holistic design solutions, from product to communication design. The Target ist always a better positioning in the market and economic success.

Sybs Bauer is a straetgist, a visionary leader and creatrice. Her integral design solutions are pure and sensual And her unique design (business) strategies result in better business cultures. Even in complex assignment of tasks, she is ahead her time. With her preference of exceed limitations and combine different fields, she surprises her audience.

After an apprenticeship with Daimler AG Sindelfingen, Sybs studied Industrial design Academy of Fine Arts, Stuttgart and at the Royal College of Art, London (scholarships Design Centre Stuttgart and DAAD). She was
many years employed as designer, bevore she started her own business in 1995. She was living in Caracas, Ven. for four years and hold various guestprofessorships in german, english and spanish.

Today her agency "designkunst" is based in Hamburg. Here Sybs Bauer designs innovative solutions and design strategies. Next to that she is consulting companies in their branding and for an encouragement of creativity.

Presentation Topics

  • Creativity - the natural way to success
  • Design as Business-Strategy
  • leadership & creativity
  • Nature as guide - for innovation and success

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