Susan Wegner

Expert in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence as Enabler for Digitalization

As Vice President Data, Artificial Intelligence and Governance (Chief Data Officer) of Deutsche Telekom AG, Susan Wegner strives to develop her skillset as a pioneer and expert in Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Data Governance every day.

Susan started working on the technological backbone of digitalization, Data Science and AI, since the 1990s. When she joined Deutsche Telekom in 2000, she brought technical expertise and business acumen together in managing innovation projects to bring new digital products and services to life. Having always advocated the importance of data as key enabler for digitalization, she is now the first head of Deutsche Telekom's Chief Data Office.

Susan's passion for data-driven digital solutions electrifies the audience during presentations and has always led her to fight for data topic recognition and proper set-up. Within the corporate environment, she successfully achieved the establishment of data-driven innovations at T-Labs. Seeing the need to improve how data is handled across all of Deutsche Telekom, as the "oil of the digital age", she successfully pushed implementation of the Chief Data Office. In addition, Susan founded Motionlogic GmbH based on a T-Labs project, served as CEO and currently in the advisory board. Moreover, she initiated forums for expert exchange (Digital Wanderlust) and is a board member of the Bitkom Big Data Group.

Presentation Topics

  • AI Ethics CDO Perspective
  • Big Data Opportunities in a Core Telco Environment
  • Data Management and AI
  • How to climb the data summit?
  • No Intelligence without Data

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