Sonja Piontek

Expert for Unleashing Potential, Brand Building & Asia

Sonja Piontek - successful entrepreneur, award winning marketer, internationally published author and photo-journalist as well as successful global keynote speaker.

The dynamic German is known to continously challenge the status quo and see as well as unleash potentials. "Cannot" does not exist in her vocabulary. She is daring, driven and delivers while always focusing on people's strengths.

For many years, Sonja was in international executive positions for the BMW Group. Today, the 'Brand Aficionado' - as Sonja is often referred to by the press - successfully runs her own boutique agency working for iconic brands such as Leica Camera or Land Rover.

Sonja is originally from Munich/Germany. She holds a Masters Degree with honors in 'Business and Culture Studies' from University of Passau/Germany and Universitas Padjadjaran in Bandung/Indonesia. She has lived in six countries: Germany, Austria, Indonesia, New Zealand, China and Singapore and speaks five languages: German, English, French, Bahasa Indonesia, Mandarin.

Presentation Topics

  • 1) SOAR - Unleash your full potential
  • 2) MAGIC happens outside the comfort zone
  • 3) MARKETING MAGIC - Incredible ROI through unforgettable experiences
  • 4) ASIA - Incredible insights (business, culture, potential)

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