Sonja Piontek

Expert for Brand Building & Asia

Sonja Piontek is one of the most visionary marketing/brand leaders of our time, a well regarded international keynote speaker and a successfully published author on Asia.

The award winning marketeer has years of international experience in leading roles at BMW Group and is passionate about building brands and guiding people to success. Her focus lies on strategic brand development and inspirational marketing in the age of digitalization. "Cannot" does not exist in her vocabulary. She is daring, driven and delivers. She cares for people, loves to inspire, loves to share her experience and help others grow. She continuously strives for excellence and is known for her vision as well as her operational excellence. She gets things done and she gets them done well.

Sonja is originally from Munich/Germany. She holds a Masters Degree with honors in 'Business and Culture Studies' from University of Passau/Germany and Universitas Padjadjaran in Bandung/Indonesia. She has lived in six countries: Germany, Austria, Indonesia, New Zealand, China and Singapore and speaks five languages: German, English, French, Bahasa Indonesia, Mandarin.

Presentation Topics

  • 1_The importance of BRAND BUILDING in the age of DIGITALISATION!
  • 2_MARKETING MAGIC - How to create mind-blowing brand experiences!
  • 3_BEYOND DIGITALISATION - the way to true marketing success!
  • 3_Difference East / West - explained!
  • 4_Gigantic business potential ASIA - how to crack it!
  • 5_MAGIC happens outside the comfort zone!

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