Sabria David

Expert for Digital and Media Change

Sabria David studied linguistics, german literature and history of art and started to work both in research and advertising agencies.
She works on the effects of digital technologies and collaborative thinking on society, politics, communication and media.
Her recent work focusses on the effects of digital media on the working world. She created IDA, a model for corporate health management from a media-science view. She has been on panels and talks such as the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, the Frankfurt Bookfair and other international conferences.

Together with Benedikt Köhler and Jörg Blumtritt, she is co-author of the “Slow Media Manifesto“ which had a great impact. It has been translated in several languages and is referred to, debated, taught and discussed globally. This lead to the founding of the Slow Media Institute, an interdisciplinary research and consulting center for media change.

Presentation Topics

  • Clash of print and online cultures
  • Transformation and change
  • Sustainable communication
  • Slow media
  • Renaissance of old cultural techniques through new media
  • Prevention Burnout
  • Media change
  • Innovation
  • Improvisation and Enterprise 2.0
  • How to deal with media
  • Future of the Book/Newspaper
  • Digital media, Web 2.0
  • Digital corporate health management
  • Wikipedia and fairy tales – the genesis of collaborative works

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