Nilgün Cön

Expert for future Leadership between tradition and vision

"My concern is always to lead the people who listen to me to the essence. This is on the basis of my extensive, deep knowledge and my life path. Contents to grasp! I stand for bringing HEART into politics and in the economy. "

Nilgün Cön is since 2005 consultant / counselor, lecturer and seminar leader. She considers herself as a citizen of the world, at home in different worlds and linguistic worlds. She now assumes responsibility for her versatility and giftedness: As a scientist, a mentor, and as a painter.
The companies she had coached are enthusiastic of taping the full potential and expanding to full size. She is authentic through experience.
She supports startups and also startups from the university.
She had an interdisciplinary education with several additional qualifications: MA Turkic Studies / Political Science / Islamic Studies, FU Berlin, 2004; Post graduate study "Tourism Management and Regional Tourism Planning" FU Berlin, 1989; BA Economics Bo?aziçi University, Istanbul, 1988; Training Social Competences and Conflict management, 2003 - 2008. She visited NLP Business Coach Trainings, 2006-2007 and seminars of Emaho, teacher of wisdom and shaman USA, since 2004.
She is a member of ICF International Coach Federation and Chairwoman of GODD-Foundation for Turkish-German Understanding.

Presentation Topics

  • Corporate Leadership - Development of Leadership Power for an New Era in the Global Economy
  • Islamic Law and Islamic Law Schools
  • Quo vadis istanbul? Capital of the World?
  • Spiritual Intelligence as a Resource for a New Leadership Style
  • The History of the Veil - Not an Islamic Program!
  • The importance of family, education and religion, from an Islamic perspective
  • The Intellectuals in Turkey
  • The Relationships between the EU and Turkey since 1980 under Consideration of Selected Political Issues
  • Understanding the Own Performance and Ability in 8-Steps, Eliminating the Blockages and Manifesting Sustainable New Structures
  • Understanding the Uniqueness of every Individual as a Resource and Richness - Learning to See the Other brings about 20 % more Profit
  • Islam is not the Same as Islam!
  • Invest Turkey - Turkey, a Country for Investments
  • Giftedness is a Blessing and a Curse at the Same Time! The essence of the Self-expression in 10-Steps
  • Corporate Management - Empowering of Leaders in a World of New Values beyond the ROI
  • Corporate Strategy - Essence and Real Intent as Fundament of Future Pioneering Companies
  • Courage to be Different and Versatile
  • Creatives and Money! Healing Professionals and Money! It is not a Contradiction! Learn to Understand Money
  • Economic History of the Ottoman Empire
  • Economic History of the Republic of Turkey
  • Economic Relations between Germany and Turkey
  • Future Issues and New Ways for Startups
  • Future Leadership between Tradition and Vision in Now
  • "Truthfull" Marketing and Corporate Culture in the Post-Capitalist Era

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