Nicole Wesner

Expert in Motivation / Willpower / Marketing

At the age of 32, when most other high performance athletes are thinking about the end of their careers, boxing suddenly entered Nicole Wesner's life with a big bang and turned her life upside down. At the beginning, she just wanted to participate in one fight. But experiencing being in the ring changed her priorities completely. She left her life as a manager in an international health care company to compensate for all the years of training she had missed when she started at 32 years of age.

"Nicole be wise, do a couple of fights and then leave it. What do you want to achieve at your age?" Often heard words combined with good advices, that it is not wise to leave the old safe life to begin such an intense sport as boxing at the age of 32. But dreams are there to be lived and where there is a will there is a way. Her dream was to become world champion, to become a great boxer. She was often told to be crazy, but in her mind it is crazier not to do it, because this is what she loves - boxing!

Out of the passion and motivation the success followed. As an amateur boxer, she won the Austrian national championship (she is German but now living in Austria) and international medals followed thereafter, but she could not get enough. And just some weeks ago she won her third championship - her great story of success will inspire you too.

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  • Limits are just in your mind

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