Miriam Schießer

Health Management

Yoga Coach - Entrepreneur - Skydiver

Miriams education and interests originate from area of biochemistry. Throughout the years, Miriam has always intrigued the relationship between the body and how our sensory perception diversely interacted with one another.
Her most important interest in Biochemistry as well as her MBA led her to Belgium to work for Jannssen Pharmaceutika in Strategic Management. This work, only strengthened Miriams interest and search for answers to the questions of how one can sustainably counter-attack negative influential factors, such as stress, burnout, poor nutritional habits, etc. on a daily basis.

Her answer is unusually unconventional: Yoga and skydiving.
Extreme opposites? Maybe. Nevertheless, they have many things in common: Focus! Remaining calm. The relaxation follows the strenuousness. These are two extremes that lead to balance.

As a result of this unique passion, NutriSenses was born. How to stay "cool" while travelling a few hundred km/h. Remaining calm in a fast-moving environment, under enormous pressure. NutriSenses is your answer for the question, how one can reduce daily stress and respectively win new energy. Finding balance. Going down your own path. Gaining quality of life. Feeling happy.

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