Kerstin Plehwe

Expert for political campaigns, new leadership and personal excellence

Kerstin Plehwe is a German author, speaker and philantropist. For more than 20 years she has built, lead and managed multiple companies in Germany successfully. She has lived and worked in many parts of the world including the US, Japan and South Africa. Her international client list includes reputable Global Players, blue chip companies, multinational non profits and well known top politicians.

Today she is following her passion of writing, speaking and inspiring people around the world. She is a regular guest on TV and has written several books, including the best selling book The Wisdom of the Elephants. Kerstin´s mission is to help people and organisations to rediscover themselves and reach new levels of excellence and innovation.

Her insights into the leadership traits of world class German market leaders like Mercedes-Benz, Adidas, Hugo Boss and Jägermeister motivate companies around the globe to re-boost their custumer satisfaction and to reach out for new levels of corporate success.

Kerstins message of embracing change, focussing on excellence and fostering new talents is designed to travel the world and to impact thousands of hearts and minds.

Presentation Topics

  • Masters of Change - Rules for Victors in a Changing World
  • The Wisdom of Elefants - Life and Business Lessons from the African Wildlife
  • Through a Customer's Eyes - Leaving your Competitors behind

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