Katja Hofem

Expert for TV (conception, media industries)

Katja Hofem has over 20 years of intense media expertise. She startet working in the media business in 1990 as a free lancer for a local radio station. After her university degree as "master" of political science, communications and americanistics, she entered a trainee programm at RTL2 in 1995. In 1998 she was assigned "Head of entertainemnt" for RTL 2 and under her reign the station had its most successful years with formats like "Big Brother", "wife swap" and "Extreme house make over". Those formats changed the German tv landscape. In 2004 she was assigned "Head of programm" at RTL 2 and was responsible for marketing, press and programm planing.
In 2006 Discovery Communications employed her as "Country Manager Germany" where she was responsible for the pay tv business and successfully launched the first free to air channel for Discovery worldwide, "dmax".
In 2010 she left Discovery and startet her new job at the Pro7Sat1 media group, where she designed, developed and successfully launched the free to air channel "sixx". Now, besides her job as managing director for sixx, she has the role of "managing director new channel development" and is busy launching new channels for the group.

Presentation Topics

  • Female Leadership
  • German Media Landscape
  • Launching new channels
  • TV for target groups

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