Ilona Bürgel

Expert in mental and physical wellbeing

Dr. Ilona Bürgel is a psychologist, speaker and author. She studied psychology at university and finished her theses on autobiographical memory as the youngest one. After leaving university she worked for 15 years as a manager in an international law company and was one of the first women in leading positions.

Since 1997 she has been working as a speaker in the German speaking countries. Since 2005 she is running her own business successfully in Dresden. She is working as an expert for tv and radio as well as newspapers and magazines. As a mentor for the initiative of the German government “women for leading” and as the founder of the network “Success Ladies” she likes to support and motivate especially women.

Dr. Ilona Bürgel researches and speaks about mental and physical wellbeing. She is testing all advises herself and chooses her recommendations according to fast results, practicability and joy to do it. She is a supporter of the Positive Psychology and loves chocolate. Therefore she initiated in 2010 the German SCHOKOLOGIE award. She lives and works in Dresden and Aarhus (DK).

Presentation Topics

  • Did you think abot yourself today?
  • Sucess Factor Welbeing
  • Welcome at the chocolate site of Business

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