Elisabeth Schmid


"Advising - shaking up - leaving traces": this is what Elisabeth Schmid stands for!

She presents her topics with a lot of energy, high empathy and authenticity and captivates the audience with inspiring eloquence, insistence and humour. Her work revolves around the "actual human being" with its versatile potentials.
Considering the fact that "higher, further, faster has its limits", she focuses on the topic of HEALTHY ACHIEVING PLEASURE, especially in the light of the current economic, social and geopolitical change.

As coach and consultant, the graduate economist has been intensively involved with health, leadership and sales for many years. In addition to her profound experience and knowledge she received several specialised trainings and accreditations for the relevant methods and diagnostics. Elisabeth Schmid is also one of the CEOs of the consulting company DIE RAUMGEBER GmbH & Co KG. Both her companies are working with well-known cooporations and middle-sized firms.

With more than 25 years as a speaker, presenter and singer on national and international stages, she presents her expertise on achieving pleasure, leadership and sales, with enthusiasm, authenticity and emotion to every small or large audience

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