Doreen Hegemann

Expert in Future Leadership and New Work

Doreen Hegemann is an expert in Future Leadership and New Work. She believes that many companies all over the globe are facing extinction if they keep on doing business the way they are doing it right now. The economic challenges have led to incredible pressure on businesses to adapt their strategies and keep reinventing themselves. Do we need a different understanding of leadership and organization that allows for inherent adaptability and transformation? How can companies succeed in remaining innovative & comeptetive while at the same time being ethical & human-centred?

Her mission is to support companies & people to unlock their full potential.

Doreen boasts nearly twenty years of experience working in international Business Development Project at companies like E.ON and Deutsche Telekom and as entrepreneur. With this profound professional background she offers unique insights into corporate realities and the challenges of the 21st century.

In her talks she analyses what successful businesses do differently. She encourages organizations to question their current management practices by including insights from her personal global research activities on three continents. She shares examples from around the world that allow companies to live up to their full potential – using holistic approaches, self-management principles on the basis of shared visions and values.

Presentation Topics

  • 7 Leadership Principals for a volatile world: Testimonials from around the world
  • Does New Work increase your company's innovation power?
  • Future Leadership: What do successful business differently
  • Future Leadership: What successful businesses do differently
  • Future of Work, Future of Leadership and the Role of Women

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