Deliana Czech-Toschmakov

Expert in web content

Deliana Czech-Toschmakov is the founder and CEO of the textbest text agency in Berlin. Developing online strategies, seeing through Google's game, saving reputations on the World Wide Web - as content marketing and web text expert she manages big online projects of prestigious customers like ImmobilienScout24, Toptarif and Novalnet.

Deliana Czech-Toschmakov trained her strengths during her studies of intercultural professional communication at the Humboldt University of Berlin and graduated with a diploma. In 2000, she began to work as an online copywriter. Over the course of the digital development, the online strategist learned, that it is not only about plain content production, but about content which moves people: To talk about it, to share it and to finally purchase.

After professional stopovers in publishing and a large German online portal, Deliana Czech-Toschmakov is in good company with her business partner and a fixed team of creative minds: Within two years, textbest developed into a full-service agency, which manages prestigious clients. For those, textbest ensures the best Google ranking by creating first-class content.

Presentation Topics

  • Customer communication strategies 4.0
  • How to write for the web
  • How to write texts for SEO
  • Keyword tools for copywriters
  • Online strategies for editorial offices

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