Birgit Baier

Expert for agile tech & digital economy, digitization; social entrepeneur

Strategic Realizer - making complexity simple.

Transformation, cultural and strategic change, digitization. We're under non-stop buzzword drumfire and we all know it all - we have to do that. Never-theless, we have a hard time, do not even start and often fail already in the planning phase. Why? The fear of change, the seemingly overwhelming complexity, the lengthy process, the implementation and the consequences.

Birgit Baier's answer - empower the customers. Key to success - make complexity simple, because she knows theory and practice .... Change is her life. Doing the talk and being able to do the walk is her mission.

25+ years of leadership in multiple transforming and transformative industries. Immersion into the cultures of 20 countries and 3 continents, over 50 brands and no fear of new challenges. That's Birgit, and she draws on this experience to create solutions, products, services and brand experiences, strategic innovation for international customers as well as a better future for children and women in Nepal through her own non-profit organization. Help for self-help to create positive change is important to her.

Changing technology and strategic change are among her topics, demonstrated for clients like Ford, Audi, Bosch, Citibank, ING Bank, Swiss, KLM, P&G, Nestlé, Vodafone, IBM, DHL, Bosch, Siemens.

Presentation Topics

  • Complexity as a scam.
  • Transforming transformation.

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