Anna Kopp

Expert in the new way of work, and AI and Humanity

The new world of work has changed enormously in the last few years. Everyone is talking about digital transformation, but what does it mean? It is not bout technology, it is about changing the company culture to fit the new society. Growing efficiency is only a part of it, finding new talent for your company and gain time for creativity are just as important. But how? Everyone is so busy.

Anna Kopp, CIO and Branch Manager of Microsoft Germany, talks about how a world where work and life flows together seamlessly, how mind set needs to change when people are working from everywhere, anytime, and how technology supports this new way or work. Cloud is only one aspect, performance management and communication style needs to change when you hire the best people across the world in virtual teams.

Anna Kopp has worked across sales, operations, services, customer satisfaction and IT in the Hi Tech Business for almost 25 years and is a couragous controversial rebel individual who is expert in thinking out of the box.

Presentation Topics

  • AI and People, what is our responsibility
  • Digital Transformation with a human touch
  • IT on the way to the cloud
  • Modern Performance Management in virtual teams
  • The new way of work

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