Aneliese Ramsay

Expert for indoor air quality technology

Aneliese Ramsay started her career developing an educational program called, Spell Check, a socially responsible educational program for those struggling from dyslexia. Having struggled with dyslexia herself, she wanted to give back to the community showing it is possible to overcome learning disabilities. She spoke to many educators and students alike giving a new perspective and hope.

Graduating from business school in the top 1% of her class, she was hired as the Client Marketing Specialist at Innovative Labs, a progressive cleantech company focusing on air purification and filtration to address VOC's (volitile organic compounds) found in indoor air environments. Aneliese self-directed marketing initiatives driving the product launch, M&A, market research, and business development. Aneliese is devoted to educating the community at large about indoor air quality and the possible solutions; speaking at multiple filtration conferences on gas-phase filtration technologies to address VOC's. She is an expert when it comes to indoor air quality in the cleantech industry.

Presentation Topics

  • indoor air quality
  • sustainability

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