Alexa v. Busse

Moderator for conferences, exhibitions and ceremonies

Alexa v . Busse moderates challenging issues that are rarely occupied by women. The business graduate and journalist set up her business in 2009 and since then is - among other things - into renewable energies, the German startup scene or special technology issues such as robotics. In the context of events and fairs she hosts panel discussions in German as in English, leads individual interviews and creates a glamorous atmosphere for award ceremonies or galas.
At the same time she is a lecturer for the arts of "communication" at a media academy in Hannover, writes for various media in the departments business, sports, lifestyle and travel and her voice can be heard e.g. in the audio guide at the Deutsches Museum in Munich.
Originally coming from Bremen she has traveled extensively not only as a journalist. Before and during her studies she discovered many parts of the world as a flight attendant and does the same route of sight-seeing everywhere: religious buildings and supermarkets - in her opinion the cross-section of cultures.

Presentation Topics

  • Economics & Technology
  • Renewables
  • Startups & Entrepreneurship
  • Travel & Lifestyle

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