Katja Schleicher

Expert for Leadership-Communication and Storytelling

Katja Schleicher already knew early in her life that talking is gold and silence the beginning
of all troubles.

She is a passionate KeyNote Speaker, Public Speaking Trainer and Executive Coach. With IMPACT! Communication Coaching she is running a pan-European Training Bureau specialized in Communication Coaching, Media & Public Speaking Training & Organizational Storytelling, enhancing communicative impact in all Public Communication. In three languages all over Europe.

She supports her audiences in making a strong impact on all public stages and has established Storytelling as a key business communication tool across Europe.

Known for her provocative style and for her sense of humor she became – after a long career in Corporate Communications- a Communication Coach and Media& Public Speaking Trainer.

True European at heart, she feels at home with international audiences and bridges intercultural borders during her trainings & Coaching sessions.

Words and how to enable change through communication are her passion and her business model. In that order. After graduating in German and English Language and Literature, Linguistics and Psychology she built a career in Marketing, Adverstising, TV-production and Corporate Communications for HighTech Companies.

For more than a decade she is on stage with her Storytelling Trainings and Leadership Communication KeyNotes. Topics vividly discussed in companies at all times, but with little practical deliverables. What her clients value most when she is Keynoting is her unique mix of smart thoughts, practical solutions and provocative humour. After working with Katja, communication is for sure gonna change in your company. For the better.

She works internationally for clients like Intel, Aegon, und Tennet and MSD (Merck).
Katja Schleicher lives in the Netherlands, speaks three languages on stages, has two passports and a European heart.

Presentation Topics

  • Bridging cultural misunderstandings
  • No Story, no glory: Who doesn?t have a story, can?t tell one.
  • Turning word frenzy into communication sense
  • Why the perfect boss is man and woman at the same time and how that changes Leadership Communication

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