Public speaking is a sure way for highly qualified women to establish their expert status, show leadership and network in a different way. Our members are from all areas of society, including experts and talents from corporate hierarchies, as well as self-employed entrepreneurs and liberal professionals. We offer a marketing platform for our speakers and simultaneously sub-support all levels of their professional development.  Additionally, we offer options for the development of female talents in organizations with targeted offers from our campus program such as coaching, webinars and rehearsals.


WebinarThe one-hour webinars are not just interesting for companies who want to offer advanced trainings but also for self-employed individuals and young talents. Lunch and Learn about presentation skills, positioning and career planning - as well as current business topics.


GeneralprobeFor the professional preparation of presentations: participants are able to present and test their presentation or topic in front of a small audience, "in a protected environment”. They will receive qualified feedback on all aspects of their performance, thus increasing confidence and security for a successful performance.


Speaker’s Inner CircleWith no agenda, five to six of our speakers create a roundtable to exchange experiences, tips and trends and to network. They all face similar challenges at work and on stage. Speaker's Inner Circle will be held in different cities on a regular basis.


SummitOur annual Summit is a presentation of keynotes on the core topics of our speakers and introduces our collaborations and campaigns. Interested parties have the opportunity to get to know us, our members and our environment. Selected companies get the chance to spend a day presenting themselves within this exciting field.


Pool of Female ExcellenceThe premium members of WOMEN SPEAKER FOUNDATION have access to a wide range of coaching and marketing packages. We offer speakers a marketing platform and support them in their positioning on the market.



Agile Executive CoachingThis is one-on-one coaching support, designed to encourage leadership and the management of change. We develop individual objectives and provide guidelines on how to achieve them. Agile Executive Coaching is an interesting tool for developing leadership skills for top positions.