About us

Why we started

Regina Mehler, founder and CEO of the WOMEN SPEAKER FOUNDATION, has often found that she is the only woman invited to speak at trade shows, congresses and panel discussions. She decided to take action and together with Christiane Wolff, she founded the WOMEN SPEAKER FOUNDATION to react to this controversial deficit. Since 2010 she has brought highly qualified speakers, coaches and moderators with first class references to the stage worldwide - and with this, she has strengthened the visibility of female role models in the business world by giving them a platform to share their expertise.


Every individual, every business, and every company in Europe is in a highly competitive environment -   innovation is the strategy for economic success and the key to innovation is diversity. The race for the best candidates, particularly female executive talent, has long begun: The demand from companies for female experts on stage and podiums of trade events is huge. The WOMEN SPEAKER FOUNDATION supports innovation and change management within a company with its access to the greatest "Pool of Female Excellence" in Europe.  Additionally, we offer options for the development of female talents in organizations with targeted offers from our campus program such as coaching, webinars, and rehearsals.

Change Agent and Innovation Management

Traditional gender roles are simply not working anymore, but new ones have yet to exist. Lifestyles in our society are slowly adapting. Demographic change brings a new dynamic to the process. The WOMEN SPEAKER FOUNDATION forges partnerships with dedicated protagonists of this change in business and society and initiates campaigns and communication, while driving the responsibility to move forward with a change in values.

This is changing the dynamics of our society. Right here lies a tremendous potential for innovation, and in the very middle of the force field, the WOMEN SPEAKER FOUNDATION is working as an agent for change at all levels of this transformation: The goal of the WOMEN SPEAKER FOUNDATION is to vehemently address a needed change and shift in values and hopefully not be needed in this drastic of a form within the next ten years.